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Pro Kit

Guaranteed results for optimal positioning in the short and medium term. This is our best way of referencing, we combine all the techniques for optimum results.

Our services include:

1.  Creating a site full presentation of your stay and your Passover 2019 Resorts in 3   languages(french,hebrew&english)
2.  With our content management, you're welcome to modify and update the various pages of your site. You will be able to integrate in your site text, of course, but also any type of media you deem necessary: images, flash animations, videos ...
3. A contact form, it is essential that future users can contact you.This last you send messages to your prospective clients by mail on your personal box.

4. A personalized Web address: / the name of your resorts

Contract Period: 1 months minimum renewable

Price:   300 $/month

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